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Acrylic painting

I thought I would make a new blog on some of my new hobbies that I'm interested in. I hope you enjoy my journey as I learn more and progress.

The first hobby i wanted to deal with was acrylic pour paintings. I found these type of acrylic pour paintings on YouTube and thought wow they look really good, so I decided to try and give them a try my self. I know they will most likely start out at being crap lol, but everyone has to start out from somewhere, and as I'm not exactly getting any younger I thought I would give it a go.

I'm not sure how many I will do. I've just bought a bunch of paints and small canvasses from my local art shop and will post them on here when I get the time.

I cant wait to start and I hope that you enjoy my efforts.

Don't forget to read to description of the painting and to see the different stages just click on the corresponding post

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As well as doing acrylic pour painting I will also be experimenting with resin. This will include resin moulds and also resin paintings. As with the acrylic painting ive loved the idea of making different type of resin projects from coasters to lights to ornaments.

The one issue with using resin is the wait time. You would normaly do things with resin in layers, so you need to wait for at lest 4-6 hours between layers and then need to wait 24 hours before its set solid and can be demoulded.

I hope that you enjoy this journey with me

Don't forget to read to description of the finished resin and to see the different stages just click on the corresponding post

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Just to let you know that in order to see more please click on the posts and you get to read more information on what I was trying to do and also see more pictures and the finished result.
Any comments you may have would be nice to see.
I hope you enjoy

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Washi Tape Coaster

Ok I wanted to try something different. So after looking around I saw some washi tape coasters and thought I would give them a go. Washi...

Future Projects.

As Ive been having fun playing around with the coasters made with resin I thought I would check out both Amazon and Ebay and have a look...

Something bigger

So after doing the last two coasters I found out that until I get more practise the coasters were a little bit small for me to practise...

Another coaster

So I thought I would try my hand at another resin coaster. Instead of doing the dragon scales again I thought I would just experiment and...

Need to learn to use a hairdryer...

Ok as the title says I need to learn to use a hair dryer lol. There is a style of acrylic pour that uses a hairdryer to blow the paint in...

Spectacular fail !!

Ok so my idea was to do a puddle flower. This is where you do a wet background and put your colours in a circle in "puddles" then when...

The next painting

Well as my first painting was rather disappointing I thought I would give it another go. So after watching a few YouTube vids I decided...

My first painting

ok so I thought i should make a start and do my first painting. I had read a few web pages, watched a ton of YouTube vids and figured i...

Getting sorted

Ok so after sorting out a place to try my paining I thought I would take a few pics of what I bought and wanted to share them with you.

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