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Spectacular fail !!

Ok so my idea was to do a puddle flower. This is where you do a wet background and put your colours in a circle in "puddles" then when you put the wet paper towel on top and then lift off by folding all the corners in and lifting off its supposed to leave behind a flower effect that you then spin to expand by using a cake decorating spin thing ( yes I know very technical...) or by stretching out the paint by tilting from side to side until you get the effect you want.

So, as you can see from the following pictures, I did the wet background, then did the paint puddles, wet the paper towel, and then when I realised that the towel wasn't quite tall enough to cover the whole canvas. It still covered the puddles of paint so I decided to carry on and hope for the best.

Unfortunately instead of creating a flower effect the towel took most of the paint away and just left a splodge of paint behind, so thinking that perhaps the towel wasn't dry enough I added more paint making sure this time to add extra in the puddles and sprayed more water on a new paper towel.

When I removed the paper towel it once again failed to show a flower effect so I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong. I know the towel wasn't quit tall enough but it should have produced something vaguely like a flower.

Unfortunately as you can see for the pictures it just didn't work out, but I'm not put off. Its just going to take me a bit of time to find the style that suits me the best. Until then I'm just going to continue to practise and just try things I like the look of. Hopefully you lot will continue to follow me on my journey of discovery!!

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