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My first painting

ok so I thought i should make a start and do my first painting. I had read a few web pages, watched a ton of YouTube vids and figured i was ready... that I knew what I was doing... I set every thing up. I mixed my paints with the pouring medium. I added the water to get to the correct pouring consistency.

Then I decided on the type of picture I wanted to do. Wen I first found the vids I was fascinated by the flower pics using the grooves on the bottom of a plastic bottle to set the pattern and then using a wet paper towel to transform it, so figured that was going to be my first one. I had watched the vid a few times so it should be easy right ?

Well it started out ok but then i made a few big rookie mistakes. In my excitement of doing my first painting I forgot to make sure the canvas was lvl. This spoilt the starting of the paining as you will see. So in my frustration I just added a bit more paint and turned it into some sort of abstract painting instead.

So I guess I should share the pics with you guys, so here goes. please bare in mind that this IS my first attempt and that mistakes will occur when you start out with something new. the last pic will be where I

've varnished it to protect the painting and to hopefully bring out the colours more, which is why I used the Liquitex gloss varnish for acrylic paints.

Ok so as you can see it kinda started out ok, the idea is this. first you put a bunch of black paint to make a wet background, in this case I decided on black as I hoped this would make the "flower" pop more. You then start with some white paint then start adding your colours with some white in between each colour until you build up the colour pattern that you want. then you use a cocktail stick to make some patterns then use a wet paper towel the place onto the paint and when lifted off in a certain way it would make this fantastic flower.

How ever as you can see it rapidly got out of hand as in my excitement I didn't at first notice the paint moving to one side. Now I know your gonna think "hey it looks kinda obvious to me". And looking back it does to me also, but in the heat of the moment i just didn't notice until it was to late. So in order to try and save something from the painting I added some more paint and tilted the canvas until it covered everything and spread out as I had seen on some of the YouTube vids.

I did get some good swirls of colour that I do like so it wasn't all a disaster, and it was a very big learning experience. I wont be doing a flower on my next painting, I thought I would try something different first and then do the flower as my third painting.

Anyway as promised here is my first painting after it has been gloss varnished. It has brought back the colours to where the paint was fresh so I'm happy with that

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