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The next painting

Well as my first painting was rather disappointing I thought I would give it another go. So after watching a few YouTube vids I decided to do one that's called a double dip, (I have no idea why its called this)

The idea is that you get two canvases, paint them with either the same background or contrasting backgrounds.

You then put paint lines across the bottom half of one of the canvases in the colours that you want, you then carefully put the second still wet canvas on top of the first (wet side down) and carefully press them together (expect some paint to be squeezed out)

You then stand them up so that the half a canvas that you put the paint lines on is at the top and then you very carefully peel them apart.

Its totally fascinating the way the two sides mirror each other in design yet the colours on both can be totally different.

You normally get like a tree design or a crocus type design on both canvases. So here is my attempt at a double dip painting.

I had decided to give one canvas a gold background on the second silver. I hope you enjoy my attempt

In case you were wondering what the dots were, they are called cells and can pop up at any time depending on the consistency of the paints and by adding a drop of silicone into the paint, there are some styles of acrylic paint pouring that sets out to make massive cells that can look really really good.

I had hopped to not get so many of them this time around lol but as I'm still new at this I guess the cell count can be a bit hit and miss lol.

I still like them though and will try to do a painting that concentrates on making cells at another time, who know it might be my next one...

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