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Washi Tape Coaster

Ok I wanted to try something different. So after looking around I saw some washi tape coasters and thought I would give them a go. Washi tape coasters can be really different depending on the design and colours used. I must admit I could have used better colours in my first attempt, but as with all that Ive tried so far I have plans to try more different things.

I started off with a blue glitter resin and then added a strip of washi tape. I then used some gold paint in a tube to make the outlines and then some mica powder mixed in liquitex gloss varnish that I use to give shine to my acrylic paintings. I then put it back into the coaster mould and added a clear top coat.

There are lots of different designs of washi tape so expect some more to turn up soon.

I hope you enjoy it.

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