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Need to learn to use a hairdryer...

Ok as the title says I need to learn to use a hair dryer lol. There is a style of acrylic pour that uses a hairdryer to blow the paint in different colour patterns. So I bought a new hairdryer ( being a uncomplicated guy I didn't own one as I never saw the point.)

I got the dryer today so decided to give it a go. The best way to do these type of paintings is to have a split colour canvas typically white and black, you then add in the colours that you want and then use the dryer to blow the paint in fancy patterns.

So I did the background, did the paint lines in different colours, and then turned on the dryer. first setting was way to weak and hardly blew the paint at all, so I put it on second setting and it blew the paint all over the place lol.

So I need to try and find the correct Hight and or learn to use the hair dryer properly (after all us men never need to read the instructions...)

I did include a few close up of patterns I thought looked good, so I hope you enjoy this painting as I do think its better than the last one. (yayyy for me!!)

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