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Something bigger

So after doing the last two coasters I found out that until I get more practise the coasters were a little bit small for me to practise with, so I bought some more that were much bigger.

I must say that as the new mould was bigger I did find things much easier, and while its still not perfect I do think the design looks ok ( but that's me lol ) and I do think that if I use a different white paint to colour the resin I will get a better effect, after all that's what practise is for right ?

I started out with clear resin and added some glitter to the middle, I then used a alcohol ink for the four colours and then white paint in a spiral. I then using a cocktail stick I made a slight pattern through the ink to the middle and after using the blow torch to heat up the resin to help the pattern and burst the bubbles I left it to set and demoulded it. I also think that next time I will turn off my flash.

Here are the pics of the new bigger mould and hope that you like them.

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