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Another coaster

So I thought I would try my hand at another resin coaster. Instead of doing the dragon scales again I thought I would just experiment and just add a few colours and see what would happen. This time I only used one coaster so as not to waste resin on my experiments if they didn't turn out.

So this time I started out with clear resin and then added some gold glitter to the middle and then did a circle of blue with a white thick spiral, I was trying to do a thin one but it didn't work out. ( I'm waiting for some disposable icing bags to be able to do this better}

After doing the spiral I used a cocktail stick to make a pattern in the resin, next time I will try another.

I did like the results and may try to duplicate it in the future.

I plan on doing a few more experiments like this before continuing on with the acrylic painting.

I hope you enjoy joining me on my journey of experimentation.

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